Postal Entries

If you wish to enter any of our competitions for free then you must send an unenclosed postcard via the post with your personal information so we can identify you stating:  Which competition you would like to take part in (written exactly as it is on the product page on the website), the answer to the question specific to that particular competition along with your Personal details as follows;

• Full Name
• Date of Birth,
• Postal Address
• Email address (must match account email address)
• Contact telephone number

Postcards must also contain the correct Answer to the question for the competition you are wishing to enter. Please send postal entries to: Aspire competitions Ltd, 4-5 Seaton Mews, West Henford, Yeovil BA20 2AG

All free entries must be received before the close of the competition which is displayed on the website or before the total number of ticket sales is reached, Any entries that fail to follow the criteria mentioned above will be void as per any paid entry received. If the entries arrive after the competition is sold out then the entries will not be valid or entered as the competition will be closed.

Entrants MUST have an active account on our website at the time the free postal entries are processed, all details on postcards MUST match the name and address on the related user account.

Postal entries are limited to one entry per person to each competition.